Bio fireplace Michelangelo - Colour: Černá

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Michelangelo is the basic and elegant BIO fireplace of Italian designers. It is suitable for any place and thanks to the stainless steel frame you can create a more modern look that can be easily applied in space. Michelangelo is a wall-mounted bio-fireplace that hangs on the wall and creates the perfect point of light and heat. Thanks to the safe and ecological burner, it will enrich your evenings with a unique atmosphere. Wall-mounted bio fireplaces have no restrictions, do not require complex installation or assembly to chimneys, and are easy to assemble. They are suitable for spacious houses, villas, as well as smaller apartments. For residential architects, they are a great solution for interior design, because a wide range of products allows the implementation of the most original ideas. The biofireplace is made of high quality steel material. The Michelangelo biofireplace is equipped with a safe and ecological burner. Allows continuous regulation of flame height and fuel consumption. The biofireplace also has lower fuel consumption thanks to the ceramic cotton wool, which is part of the biofireplace.

Mounting method: - on the wall: can be hung on the wall using mounting pins (holes on the back of the biofireplace). The ideal and simple way, no need for tiles, hangs directly on the wall. dimensions:

Michelangelo XL: 110x58x17cm | BR600R burner volume 2 liters, consumption 0.5 l / h output 4 kW

Michelangelo L: 90x58x17cm | BR400R burner volume 1.2 liters, consumption 0.37 l / hour. power 3.5 kW

Michelangelo M: 77x48x17cm | BR300R burner volume 1 liter, consumption 0.3 l / hour. power 3 kW

Dimensions XL 110x58x17 cm / Burner BR600R, L 90x58x17 cm / Burner BR400R, M 77x48x17 cm/ Burner BR300R
Colour Bílá, Černá, bordó, grey