Just imagine it. You buy a fireplace, unpack, light it and you can just look forward to the fire. That's exactly what everyone has to decide for free-standing fireplaces.

The fuel is an organic bio ethanol, and the fireplaces can be easily placed in the rooms, just keep the recommended distance from other items or in the exterior, whether in the gardens or balconies and terraces. The effect is guaranteed.

Extremely wide selection

Free-standing fireplaces include both basic and top-quality models that will become the decoration of any interior or garden party. At first glance they will take their design concept and careful processing. It is up to you to choose either a classic fireplace or one that stands for height

Due to the size of the flame, you can also expect to heat up with these fireplaces without having to stock wood at home. Rely on bio ethanol.

Do you buy free-standing biofuel? 

Do you want to enjoy your new fireplace as soon as possible? Or do you want to add a free-standing bio fireplace that you placed in a living room or on the terrace, for example, a smaller model that you place on a kitchen table, for example? Consider, for example, table biofireplace.  You will definitely choose with us. If you need a help, send us email info@biofire.cloud

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Bio fireplace TukanBio fireplace Tukan

Bio fireplace Tukan

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