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Bio fireplace Sirius

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Bio fireplace Thea

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Bio fireplace EOS White

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Bio fireplace EOS Black

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Bio fireplace GAIA

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Bio fireplace Prometeo

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Bio fireplace Perseo

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Bio fireplace Nemesis

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Bio fireplace Musa

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Bio fireplace Cronos

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Bio fireplace Morfeo

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Bio fireplace Medusa

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Bio fireplace Nisa

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Bio fireplace Melibea

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Bio fireplace Etna

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Would you love to have a fireplace, but do not you have it where to put it? For you, there are ecological, yet extremely effective, wall-hanging biofireplaces. We recommend this solution to anyone who would like to enjoy the warmth and light of the fire at home, but the spatial or financial conditions do not allow it.
Wall hanging fireplaces are a perfect alternative, yet available. In addition, you can find other types of these products in our company, so you can choose a fireplace to suit your taste.

Many benefits, such as wall bio fireplaces

  • Wall bio fireplaces are a great way to get fire in your home. It is up to you to choose a fireplace in classical design or a modern timeless design.
  • Bio fireplace has many advantages compared to the classic wood fireplace.
  • It does not require ventilation in the chimney, which prevents any construction work
  • Low consumption
  • Bio ethanol is an organic bio fuel
  • A large selection of different designs, you will find both wall hanging biofireplaces and models suitable for furniture or on the ground
  • Low price

Why hesitate to order wall bio fireplaces today?

Contact us, we will be happy to recommend the ideal wall biofireplace for your home. We advise you to choose the right size and design to ensure that your chosen model is delivered quickly. With wall hanging bio fireplace, you and your loved ones will soon be able to enjoy a soothing look in the fire that makes your home even more cozy.