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Bio fireplace HOME

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Bio fireplace Valetta small White

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Bio fireplace Valetta small-Black

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Bio fireplace Veniz without Glass set

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Bio fireplace Valetta low glass

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Bio fireplace Veniz with Glass

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Do you want to have a home atmosphere like a romantic movie? The solution has the name of a biofireplace. For small households, they are the ideal choice of table biofireplaces. With a wide choice of different types, you can choose one that matches the style of your home

You can use the modern alcoholic fireplace in the interior without worrying, the table models will add the atmosphere to a party or a quiet sitting on the balcony or terrace.

Great design and instant effect

For example, try the Crescent type made with highly glossy black or white ceramics, the original design of which takes every visit. Like other table biofireplace, it burns with a bright, yet safe flame that is reflected in the sidewalls of the Crescent.
However, you can find among the fireplaces and the models made in a spectacular and very time-consuming combination of glass and metal or purely ceramic models with an open burner. .

We can supply table bio fireplace for your home

If you decide for our bio fireplaces, Czech republic as well as other places are not a problem for us, just order a dream model in our eshop. Need advice on choosing? Contact us, we'll be happy to advise you.