Ceramic cotton wool for biofireplace

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Ceramic wadding - an ideal ceramic fiber that is placed in a tank in a biofireplace. It is a special material that can withstand temperatures up to 1260 ° C.
It is also necessary to emphasize that the burning and blazing of the fire itself is much more even, the flame is more yellow. More

The advantages of the insert are the extended burning time of ethanol even up to three times, in addition, the fuel burns to the last drop. The ceramic insert prevents fuel spillage if the fireplace is overturned. The biofire burner, which is equipped with cotton wool, heats up to a much lesser extent.

Dimensions are 20x30

This size can always be adjusted according to your own needs, resp. according to the size of the burner.

Ceramic wadding is not suitable for biofireplaces, which have a low bio-alcohol tank, where there could be a risk of spillage during filling.


Dimensions 20 x 30