Burner Bio 120 cm

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In 3 weeks

The highly innovative design of this burner allows you to observe the flames in the so-called 3D image and thus significantly increases the aesthetic experience. The upper part of the torch consists of two separate parts, the edges of which are laser cut to form a wavy edge. The burner can be purchased as a separate piece, or in the second variant, a separate container (bath) can be purchased for the burner, into which the burner is inserted. This special cassette provides additional protection against accidental overturning of the burner and also serves as additional heat insulation for biofireplaces that are inserted into furniture or walls. The lower and upper part of the burner is sprayed with powder black matte paint.

The body of the burner is made of 6 mm thick steel. Each burner consists of a body and a lid. Inside is an aluminum insert, which creates a so-called ceramic filling. It absorbs bio-alcohol, releases vapors and prolongs the burning time.

Dimensions: Width: 200 mm

Length: 1200 mm

Height: 72 mm Burner volume: 10 liters

Burning time 5 - 7 hours

Weight: 18 kg

Dimensions 120 x 20 x 7,2 cm
Content 10 l
Colour nástřik černá matná
Edge selection Rovná, Zvlněná