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A tasteful interior accessory that will warm you not only at the heart. It is a free-standing table fireplace that can be placed on a table or on any stable surface. Valetta is made of high quality powder coated steel, contains two pieces of tempered glass for a greater feeling of safety and 4 felt pads to protect your surfaces. Like all other Bio-Blaze® products, Valetta is equipped with a high-quality brushed stainless steel burner, which will bring you an elegant and relaxing flame. You can easily extinguish the flame with the simply included stainless steel hand tool to extinguish the flame.

The burner has a volume of 0.5 l, calorific value is 1.2 kW.

Dimensions: length 500 x height 300 x width 140 mm  

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 30v x 50š x 14d cm
Colour Bílá, Černá, Taupe