Bio fireplace Universe Cocoon

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Cocoon, a unique biocrew designed by innovative designer Federico Otero, is an example of modern design. Stunning range of biofuel fireplaces that make them clean and environmentally friendly. These pieces will be great stylish accessories for both interior and exterior spaces. They represent not only a design accessory, but mainly fireplaces with real flames that will give your home an incredible feeling of warmth. More

How do COCOON models work?

Ethanol is poured into the combustion chamber and then placed inside the fireplace. We'll use a lighter to seal the fireplace. You can then regulate or switch off the burner with a sliding mechanism.

How long has the fireplace been on fire?

The duration of the flame depends on the climatic conditions and height of the flame. This duration is shortened in an area with multiple airflow. 1.5 liters can last up to 4 hours.

Do they provide heat?

Yes, the cocoon design is designed to capture heat, allowing the cocoon to deliver beautiful ambient heat. The units produce approximately 3.6 kw.

How to install?

COCOON models are very easy to install. The units are complete and ready to be installed.

Do COCOON models require a chimney?


Technical parameters: 

Body: 60 x 38 cm

Bar length: min. 98.5 cm, max. 134.5 cm

The unit can rotate 360°.


Dimensions 60 x 38 cm
Content 1,5 l
Heat output guidance 3,6 kW