Bio fireplace Prometeo

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In 4 weeks

An untraditional design piece that fits into the interior, the wall or the corner of your room! It immediately induces a feeling of warmth, safety is ensured by tempered glass. Quality stainless steel design, and easy installation. The volume of the 1.2 liter burner guarantees over two hours of relaxing flames right at your home! More

Surface treatment - stainless steel and black steel.

One burner with a volume of 1.2 l and burner regulation is a matter of course for this biofireplace.

Approximate heating power is 3 kW.

Dimensions: length 110 cm on the longer side, 50 cm on the shorter side, width is 35 cm.

Dimensions 110 x 30 x 35 cm
Content 120 cl
Heat output guidance 3kW