Enameled steel body and tempered glass. Real flames make almost immediate heat sensation.
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Product code: K306

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Biofireplaces offer an alternative to traditional fireplaces for those who want to enjoy a fire with a real flame without the need to build a fireplace and other expensive installations. They work thanks to alcohol from natural products. This alcohol, which belongs to the field of renewable energy sources, releases a small amount of water vapor during combustion, burns with a clean flame that does not smoke and no ash remains in the fireplace after combustion. They are therefore independent of other energy sources, such as gas or electricity.

Dimensions (length - depth - height): 60 x 16 x 45 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Approximate heat output: equivalent to 2.5 kW

Finish: enamelled steel and stainless steel.

The capacity of the burner is 0.70 l, it is made of stainless steel and it is also supplied with ceramic cotton wool, which prolongs the burning time of bio-alcohol. The upper part of the burner has a sliding control that can affect the size of the flame.

60 x 16 x 45 cm
0,7 l
Heat output guidance
1,5 kW

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