Bio fireplace Murall 120 - Colour: Bílá

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The bio fireplace is made of the highest quality materials and is manufactured using the most modern technologies. The product packaging was made entirely of steel and all elements were precisely coated with a paint resistant to heat and damage. In addition, the innovative burner design ensures the safety, even and odorless combustion of biofuels and comfort in use. The biofireplace is equipped with filled tempered glass, which ensures additional safety during use. No chimney, no smoke. This biofireplace uses bioethanol fuel, which will provide you with gentle warmth and bring joy from the real flame. Combustion of bioethanol is clean and non-toxic, releasing very little carbon dioxide and water vapor. Very easy to install and use. It hangs like a picture on the wall, the biofireplace does not have a recessed "back", so the straight back part is adapted for quick installation. Dimensions of the biofireplace: length 90 cm height 40 cm depth 12 cm Material - high quality steel frame, brown spray - surface.


Dimensions 120 x 56 x 16,5 cm
Colour Bílá, nerezová ocel, Černá, brown
Heat output guidance 3 kW