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Wall-mounted bio-fireplace, an exceptional, luxurious model that decorates and creates the right atmosphere. No smoke, no flue gases, no ash, no odor, no chimney and no wood. Only a pleasant, open fire More

Wall-mounted bio fireplaces have no restrictions, do not require complex installation or assembly to chimneys, and are easy to assemble. They are suitable for spacious houses, villas, as well as smaller apartments. For residential architects, they are a great solution for interior design, because a wide range of products allows the implementation of the most original ideas.

The bio fireplace has the TÜV conformity mark. Marking the product with this mark is proof of the high quality of the product and confirmation that it meets the mandatory safety requirements. In addition, the TÜV conformity mark guarantees that the product production processes monitored by TÜV Rheinnland Polska's experts are carried out at the highest technical and organizational level.

The biofireplace is made of high-quality steel material with high-quality black spray, the front mask is made of steel, which is in a satin finish. The wall biofireplaces are made of steel, then the quality powder coating is black and finally the front frame is either coated with a thin layer of stainless steel or painted with a different color than the body of the biofireplace. (copper color, satin, gold). The Charlie biofireplace burner has a TUV certificate, which confirms the safety of the product and the high quality of workmanship. It is made of stainless steel with a double-walled construction. Allows continuous regulation of flame height and fuel consumption.

The biofireplace also has lower fuel consumption thanks to the ceramic cotton wool, which is part of the biofireplace. Bio fireplace with a safe bio container with TÜV certification. The new safe bio container with TÜV certification has another special compartment that prevents fuel leakage due to accidental overfilling of the tank. It also has a maximum biofuel level indicator and absorbent ceramic wool, which reduces its consumption and prevents leakage due to the equipment overturning. Extinguishing the flame in the burner is done by means of a movable lid with a special handle supplied with the device. There are also 2 mounting pins in the set.

Weight 22,6 kg
Dimensions d 100 x v 70 x h 19,7 cm
Content 60 cl
Colour nástřik černá nerez barva a broušený nerez rám