Bio fireplace Kanfanar

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Elegance and quality by Zdenka Lobkowicz
A unique range of table organic fireplaces made in cooperation with Czech stonemasonry exclusively for was designed by Zdenka Lobkowicz.
The material at Kanfanar is light cream limestone from Croatia.


Biofireplaces with a story... Light creamy limestone, which is mined in Croatia and supplied in a stepped and brushed surface. It will bring the magic of Mediterranean architecture and design to your home. Kanfanar is a timeless material, it can be used for classic, historical, but also purely modern interiors and exteriors.

The biofireplace is equipped with a limestone slab, two glasses, screws and a burner with extinguishing.

Handling the bio fireplace is very simple, after folding the product, it is enough to pour bioethanol into the burner (max.0.35l) and ignite. 

The main features of the burner
- Tuv certificate
- Refined design ensures uniform combustion over the entire width
- Ceramic wool reduces the risk of biofuel spillage
- Made of stainless steel
- 0.35 litre capacity
Burning time : 1 hour

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 34 x 17 x 15 cm
Colour creamy
Heat output guidance 2 kW