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A free-standing biofireplace model that fits perfectly into both rustic style and modern design. Biofireplace imitating a real stove! This is a solution to additionally heat the house, but also to revive the room with a design element. More

To an apartment, house or restaurant ... Original design of classic stoves with space for decorative wood. Includes a certified 1-liter 3D effect burner with ceramic wool, safety glass and flame control.

Dimensions: 1250 mm x 600 mm x 340 mm

Burner : 500 mm = 1 l - 2– 3 hours

Real flames that almost instantly induce a feeling of warmth. Clean, without smoke and ash, odorless. And completely independent of any other source such as electricity or gas.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 126 cm
Content 1 litr
Colour nástřik černá matná
Heat output guidance 2 kW