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The wall-mounted biofireplace is made of high-quality steel and is sprayed with high-quality powder paint that is resistant to high temperatures. The biofireplace is equipped with one burner with a length of 275 mm. The burner content is 0.35 l and the calorific value is 2 kW. No chimney, no smoke.

This biofireplace uses bioethanol fuel, which will provide you with gentle warmth and bring joy from the real flame. Combustion of bioethanol is clean and non-toxic, releasing very little carbon dioxide and water vapor. Very easy to install and use. We supply it with a tempered front glass for a greater feeling of safety. The package includes straight mounting rails, mounting pins, a funnel for bio-alcohol, a handle for flame control, and as a gift 1 kg of decorative stones.

8 kg
650 mm x 400 mm x 120 mm
Bílá, Černá
Heat output guidance
2 kW

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