Doprava zdarma regulujte si sami velikost plamene !!!

One of our most popular fireplaces! Amazing for an apartment or house, decorates the interior and adds an instant feeling of warmth. In addition, thanks to the windshield, it is really safe for every member of the household.

No chimney, no smoke. This biofireplace uses bioethanol fuel, which will provide you with gentle warmth and bring joy from the real flame. Burning bioethanol is clean and non-toxic, releasing very little carbon dioxide and water vapor.

FREE TRANSPORT !!! Wall biofireplace with burner control.

The package includes straight mounting rails, mounting pins, a funnel for bio-alcohol, a handle for flame control, and as a gift 1 kg of decorative stones.

Product code: K122

E 280 EUR incl. VAT On stock

Accessories 4
9 kg
900 mm x 400 mm x 120 mm
Heat output guidance
3 kW

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