Bio fireplace Alexandro - Edge selection: Zvlněná

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The burner is modern, with high technological value, which adapts perfectly to the environment. Biofireplaces that burn bioethanol fit into any home and provide an impressive result of high aesthetics. The burner has a wave-shaped edge or the edge may be straight. The wave forms a fire into a completely extraordinary visualization, otherwise this flame is also referred to as a 3D image. The burner is sprayed with high-quality powder black, semi-matt paint. This black powder paint is very resistant to high temperatures, just as there is no deformation of the paint in contact with fire and the paint retains its original shape and appearance. The burner is made of steel and is the result of the work and creativity of experts from several years of research. It is very elegant and can nicely decorate most houses, apartments, halls or large conference rooms, as well as terraces or balconies of houses in the summer months. This burner significantly contributes to the fact that although a living flame burns, this flame does not burn any harmful substances, no dust, soot and impurities are produced, even when using the right bioethanol, no odor is produced. It saves the environment, uses renewable fuel, so it does not change the ecological balance. Inside is an aluminum insert, which creates a so-called ceramic filling. It absorbs bio-alcohol, releases vapors and prolongs the burning time.

Dimensions 111 x 40 x 38 cm. 111 cm width of the biofireplace, 40 cm depth of the biofireplace and 38 cm is the spatial height of the body of the biofireplace.

The casing of the biofireplace is made of sheet steel, 1.5 mm thick, powder-coated with semi-matt black heat-resistant paint or alpine white or stainless steel.

Burner dimensions: 37 cm

Burner volume: 2.3 l, burning time 4 - 5 hours

Dimensions 111 x 40 x 38 cm
Content 2,3 l
Colour Bílá, nerezová ocel, Černá
Edge selection Rovná, Zvlněná
Price 35500