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The biofireplace is a portable heat source that will change any space. This is an original way to decorate the interior. It adds a romantic, relaxing atmosphere, brightness and warmth. It enables the fulfillment of dreams by those who cannot build a real chimney at home. The flame does not spark or smoke. The biofireplace can also be used in small apartments, balconies, terraces or gardens. Installation is very simple, does not require special knowledge or skills. It is safer and easier to maintain than traditional fireplaces. No chimney, no smoke. This biofireplace uses bioethanol fuel, which will provide you with gentle warmth and bring joy from the real flame. Burning bioethanol is clean and non-toxic, releasing very little carbon dioxide and water vapor. Very easy to install and use. Dimensions are: length 85 cm, height 68 cm, depth 18.2 cm The package includes straight mounting rails, mounting pins, a funnel for bio-alcohol, a handle for flame control, and as a gift 1 kg of decorative stones.

8 kg
85 x 68 x 18,2 cm
nástřik černá matná
Heat output guidance
2 kW

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