Bio fireplace Marlon Small

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Bio fireplace Marlon

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Maybe you do not want to buy the entire fireplace, maybe you have one and you are looking for a way to get another live fire in your home because you've already discovered how compelling its presence is?
In both cases, we recommend Jona's fire balls, high-quality stainless steel products that also burn bioethanol and whose handling and maintenance is extremely easy.

Decorate your home with a modern stainless steel fire bowls

The fire balls of Jona, like biofireplaces, become the interior decoration in itself, and the effect is even more multiplied after the ignition of the fire. You will see that your visits will ask where you took them. It is especially impressive when you install more in your household. They are made of stainless steel with a diameter of 15 to 30 centimeters in various design designs