Have you seen a chimney-free fireplace that can create an equally pleasant atmosphere with a flaming fire like a classic heater? In addition, it has an undeniable advantage. Bio fireplaces are not limited by the need for a heavy-duty chimney. Bio ethanol fireplace can be built anywhere. It's just because the fuel is bio ethanol. It is a clean, environmentally friendly fuel that does not produce harmful flue gases during combustion. No noxious smoke and dirty soot! Bio ethanol changes to heat, a little water vapor and carbon dioxide when burning. Thus, substances that are in the normal air and which exhale each person.

What are the main benefits of using biofuel?

• No combustion is required during combustion

• Natural flaming fire

• No toxic fumes

• Only water vapor and carbon dioxide

• Easy storage

• Easy maintenance

• Low fuel cost

Bio ethanol ensures perfect combustion that does not endanger health

Bio ethanol is produced by perfect filtration of biological alcohol (ethanol) and is mixed with bitter substances for practical use to prevent its misuse.

Bio ethanol is an ideal mixture for home heating with open fire. The fireplace in a biolithic apartment does not need a chimney, so it can be built anywhere in the interior or exterior. The combustion intensity can be easily regulated and the fire can be extinguished at any time. But there is no ash, dirt or soot. Bio ethanol allows clean combustion.
Bio ethanol when burning in the fireplace creates natural fire and at the same time heats
Bio ethanol is a fuel that is still looking for other uses. The fireplace is great because it does not require combustion chimneys to burn. Its products are harmless for health. At the same time, it creates heat that can easily heat the air in the average room. Alcohol handlers have released their hands on the alcohol fireplace.