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Would you love to have a fire, but did you think you could never afford it because you live in a flat without a chimney? This is no longer the case, because your dreams can meet an alcohol fireplace. For example, Bio Fires, branded British products, which you can use without fear in both panel houses and large freestanding models also in gardens or terraces

Everyone can choose from Bio Fires

The offer includes both traditionally conceived models and trendy issues that excel in modern interior design. Bio Fires biofire producer understands his customers, and hence offers, for example, smaller desktop models that can appeal to those who have no experience with these products.

Bio fireplaces Bio Fires - desktop, wall or freestanding?

Are you interested in Bio Fires? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to recommend you the type that best suits your requirements. You can go for the table, as well as for the freestanding biokrby of the British brand Biokrby Bio Fires or for the very impressive wall models. The quality from the islands you can rely on, so with the decision to have a fireplace in apartment you do not have to wait.