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Bio fireplace Diamond II

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Diamond I - Bio fireplace

In 14 days
E 718 EUR
Bio Fireplaces Bio-Blaze - Belgium - Dimensions - 790d x 625v x 200h mm

Regular square bio fireplaces with rounded or sharp edges, such as the Bio-Blaze. You can choose simple desktop models that you can easily move, as well as fancy wall or freestanding fire sources. Hang the Bio-Blaze firepalces on your wall or put it on the floor and your home will be perfect

Do not worry about cleaning, bio fireplaces do not make a mess

Like every bio fireplaces, Bio-Blaze's modern and well-crafted Bio-Blaze biofireplaces are suitable for everyday use, because burning produces no odor, and their maintenance is extraordinarily easy. You can also clean them using common means. In addition, you do not have to worry, unlike wood fireplaces, that you get dust and other mess at home

Bio fireplaces Bio-Blaze will be delivered as fast as possible

Do you already know which product Bio-Blaze fireplace would best suit your home? Just order it in our eshop and you will soon be able to enjoy the heat and real flames. If you would like to talk with us, we are ready to advise you at any time.