Bio Ethanol fireplaces are fuelled by our branded BIO FUEL

(denatured alcohol) which is derived completely from plants, produces no more emissions than human breath and gives you a naturally burning beautiful real flame, without toxic fumes, smoke and mess.

Bio ethanol fires produce flame that looks like a gas fire.  

 Our fireplaces will take the edge out of a cold night without loosing any emitted heat through a chimney. They are 100% efficient. Bio Fires are the easiest way to create that warm and romantic atmosphere which only a seductively glowing open fire can offer!


Our fireplaces and burners are open without a glass front (or the glass is only decorative, not sealing the flame off), completely flueless, smoke-free, and require no gas connection, no installation and no power supply.


Bio ethanol fires produce real, rich yellow and orange flame adding some extra warmth to your room and giving you this magical atmosphere that only a real flame can create.